Our sitemap-system is based upon the four segments of the Feder-Galerie:Ditoriel

To simplfy navigation, we asked our three little direction birds to sit on "their" pages of the gallery. Why of all things it is three birds?  You can find out here.

Each bird has its own area of expertise to watch over. Click on one of the three and you will find a seperate help page to guide you through the corresponding section.
Here is an overview over all the sections.

The administrative pages without a feathered companion:

  • start - start page for the Feder-Galerie

  • news - all news about images/ text/ projects/ forum, etc.

  • newsletter - archived newsletters

  • guidelines - our gallery guidelines

  • artists - the artists's homepages with contact information

  • registration - for new registrations/ apply for membership to the gallery

  • officium - Feder & Schwert related stuff like release schedule

  • communis - link to the forum and information about our IRC-server

  • sitemap - this page

  • links - our linklist and banners

  • web credits - staff and their mail addresses

  • guestbook - yep, the guestbook :-)



Sally Bilderis responsible for the image section:

ordines angelorum

angeli et inimici



Perlchen TextePerlchen is watching over the text section:

  • quotes - Zitate aus Spielrunden von witzig bis seltsam

angeli et inimici

  • tutorials - tutorials and tricks (for traditionall and digital artwork)

  • poserlist - a compilation of poserstuff suitable for ENGEL-renderings

  • templates - a collection of images (wings, clothing, etc)

auxilia - Tutorien, Tips & Tricks

  • storiestext material from the world of ENGEL (mostly german) 

auxilia - Archiv

auxilia - Spielhilfen


Shora Projektekeeps an eye on the project section*:

ordines angelorum

  • StorytellersDiary - Jeff Boles' protocols and logs around the ENGEL-inplay "Salvation"
    inplay Savage - logs from the IRC-inplay "Savage"

  • InplaySavage - Logs from the IRC-Inplay "Savage"


angeli et inimici

~ top ~

*The category "Projects" is assigned to more than one category due to its mixed image/ text content. Additionaly we assigned it to the category angeli et inimici.