TsarielThe purpose of the gallery is to present the community of ENGEL material on a non-profit basis for others to use in their own supplements, whether if this would be images or text material.
If you want to know more about the contents of the gallery, please look up our Frequently Asked Questions.

Copyright of the individual creation stays with the respective author/artist.
Copyright for the game ENGEL is owned by Feder & Schwert.

In some cases people may approach you and ask if they might use your work in their own projects - on a non-profit basis as well. How you handle those requests is your own concern, because you created the material yourself. The gallery only provides a platform to publish these works. Generally, we ask you to respect the creative rights of others and to not plagiarize or alter the works of our artists/authors. Exceptions to these rules must be permitted by the creators of the works in question.

We do not censor material of the gallery, unless we are presented with works glorifying violence, or are pornographic or erotic in nature. There is no censoship based on quality and amount of presented material (apart from the above named cases), as long as certain criteria are fulfilled.

The items submitted must express the universe and concepts of Engel, the role-playing game, as it is published by Feder & Schwert. Stick-figures, hardly recognizable as angels, are not acceptable. Generalized texts of angels are also not acceptable. Both cases will be rejected as materials for the gallery. Other situations will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Exceptions of the rule may be submitted to the album Zeichenkladde (Sketchpad) - see notice below.(1)*

Infringement of the mentioned rules and guidelines will be dealt with by the Administrators. This may consist of the deletion of images and text. Repeat offenders will be given a warning and  - in case of repeated violation  - will be banned from the gallery, their albums and archives deleted.

Please keep in mind, that our staff - Administrators, Moderators, Translators, maintain the gallery in their free time. None of us receive financial compensation for our efforts.
So it may take a while until updates, news, etc will find their way into these pages.
Besides: we are all human beings with a private life and with quirks - so we may have a bad day now and then, same as you:-)

The administrators and moderators of the Feder-Galerie

*(1)You may add less ENGEL-related content to the album Sketchpad (Zeichenkladde). But these images should have a reference towards angels in common or should show something feathery (see name of this gallery - Feder means feather).