So... you want to become a member of the club?

Our very strict criteria

* can you fly?
- you know, this is about angels, so you should be able to do it at least a little... and not by plane or other heretic al vehicle!
* do you have wings?
- not those fake things! Real, self grown, moveable wings! Everything under a wingspan of 10 meters is simply inacceptable!
* do you pray at least five times a day?
- yes, to the "One and Only On High", who did YOU think?
* do you have extraordinary heavenly powers?
- you know, I mean like (ordered from "x-tremely kewl" to "barely acceptable"):
- killing your enemies with the strike of a flaming sword,
- ordering people to do things they don't want to,
- awakening the dead,
- gazing through clouds - no, not underwear, silly!
- ... read... (that doesn't go by extraordinary and heavenly, but we'll settle for this if you've got nothing else...)
* do you simply LOVE to receive orders? And obey them? Without asking or complaing?
- well, this is really essential! The admins and mods here just LOVE to boss people around all day!

Well...? Do you fullfill at least four of the mentioned criteria?


Well... not our fault!*


And our real criteria...

Since we had to revise our original application criteria just a bit (Shora Shora ate the previous draft for the application form...)

- here we go:

* do you like to draw/ render/ write/ whatever for ENGEL?

* do you have any artwork and/ or text you would like to display in public?

Yes, fine... well... proceed to the guidelines below. That's it!

... but on second thought, we might come back to this wing thingy...

I agree to the rules and guidelines.     I do not agree to the rules and guidelines.    

*We are, of course, just joking here - everyone who feels offended by this sort of humour should think twice before applying membership to the Feder-Galerie.